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A little Of me

I would so kneel to that any day, anywhere....

Also before I say anything, a BIG thanks to my friend for helping me with my new Profile layout
and stuff, THANK YOU *big hugs*

Hello Everyone, It's Sam here
Hope you all are having an AMAZING day, =)

Well am 23 even tho my DA page says am 22, oh well ehehe
but I have a mind of a 15 year old =P Oh and I am a Female, I just like getting called
Sam, my full name is Samantha but i don't like it much ehehe and no one ever calls me it,
unless there my gran =P

I don't really know what you will find on my page, I play on Photoshop a lot,
and I am always teaching myself to draw, also with the help of a friend as well,
which is amazing...

As you can tell I love horses, that amazing, along with Thranduil MMMMM drooling, sorry am back that Elf he awesome, but I do Love Elf I always have since I was a little, Elf's and Horses, they have been my most love since I was a kid...

I also Love playing Call Of Duty, I have played Modern Warfare 1,2 and 3, Black Ops 1 and 2,
Ghost and Advanced warfare, my most love one is Advanced Warfare I really do love that one think I have played it 5 time already =P and I some time play it online as well I have them on the X-Box 360 just saying =P

:thumb502528215: :thumb502528322: :thumb502528419: :thumb502528528:
Yeah I really Like Gideon from COD AW, am not sorry about it
I Love Ghost by Coley-sXe
and ghost =P

I also play Star Stable, have done for the past 2 mouths, =) it's a good game I Love riding around om my horses I have 12 =P tho some of the people on there are really mean when it come to some thing, just I try and look past them and block them, I got called "Thick" the other day, just because I can't spell well, there all so nice =P but like I said i try to look past them...

I really don't know what else to put,
Part from that I love you all



Featured Works

Some Little Story of Spencer Reid From Criminal minds Spencer X reader, Under Cover
                                Under cover
                                    Spencer and Isabella
Isabella’s pov
I sat at my deck finishing up my paper work on our last case, a case I wish to forget very soon, and to never have to deal with again, I should know that will never happen in a job like this, when I think I have seen the worst people can do, someone else seems to do something much worse than you can ever imagine.
As I was finishing my work, I could see a cup being placed next to me. With the smell of tea hitting my nose I look around to see Spencer Reid standing there smiling at me. Then he bent closer to me, “one nice warm cup of tea” was all he said still smiling at me. I smiled back at him looking from him to the tea then back again “and what does the Dr want in return for this
Spencer Reid x Reader
                              ...Can You Feel The Love Tonight...
Isabella’s pov
I looked in the mirror and was reminded how sleepy I am, but I still said yes to going out with the Team, to celebrate a long case closing, to our favourite Chinese restaurant.
I fixed my hair then left the rest room to re-join the team, but before I did I pass by a waiter asking if I could get two forks, the good Dr not the only one that finds it hard to eat with chopsticks, As I got to the table I could hear them laughing.
I took my seat next to Spencer “Well welcome back pretty Girl, where you been?” Morgan asked me with a smile on his face, “Oh you know just making myself look hot and getting some things” I said while holding a fork in front of Spencer's face “I love you.” was all he said before taking the fork out of my hand and starting to eat his food “I know” was all I sa
Spencer Reid x Reader
                                        ...Nothing to Worry about...
Isabella’s pov
Still another week till I can go back to work full time as an FBI profiler in the BAU unit, I got shot really bad in my last case and was touch and go for a day or two, according to what Penelope Garcia said but I know Penny (am the only one that gets to call her that) She sometimes takes thing over board but at the end of it I still love her for staying with me in the hospital with her laptop so she can still help out the team when they need her.
I was in there for 2 weeks and put on home rest for 2 mouths. I can go in to work to get out of the house but I stay in Penny's Office, helping out when I can.
Also not only did Penny stay with me in the hospital, Dr Spencer Reid did as well till Hotch told him he could not let him have any more days off work, but had a talk with the Doctor about visiting,



Stamps NOT mine love to there owner

First Stamp - James Norrington by kuripuck Second stamp - James Norringto by kuripuck How To Train Your Dragon 2, Stamp by BunnyFromTheHell HTTYD2 Stamp: Flying by TMNT-Raph-fan

Horse are the best animal ever in my books
Horse Lover Stamp by Scutterland I love Tennessee Walking Horses by WishmasterAlchemist I love North Swedish Horses by WishmasterAlchemist I love Unicorns by WishmasterAlchemist I love Mustangs by WishmasterAlchemist I love Knabstruppers by WishmasterAlchemist I love Mixed-breed Horses by WishmasterAlchemist I love Friesians by WishmasterAlchemist
Your Freedom by WishmasterAlchemist Sunset Freedom Horses Stamp by devils-horizon :thumb160777210:

this man can be my Elf king any day, I would do anything he says
thranduil stamp by thelilaro King Thranduil BOFA by Oreleth You're A Bitch-(Stamp) by MischievousMonster Elf King-(Stamp) by MischievousMonster The Hobbit ~ Thranduil ~ Stamp 1 by KiraiMirai

Ehehe Random stamp Assassins Creed Stamp by cojocea2010 but love this game



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TheCaptainsGirl has started a donation pool!
100 / 2,000
Ok so I have changed this Donate,

I now want to get up points so I can give them away to people that beta for me,
I really want to start writing more this year, and well I really need someone to help me with all the spelling and Grammar,

And I just think I should give them something for taking the time to do it, so I thought to give them points.

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United Kingdom
Profile Picture not mine, I found it on the net, so creeds to the owner

I would so kneel to that......

Rick Astley Love- STAMP by akatsuki-girl88 you can never Rick roll me, because I love his songs will the ones I have heard ehehe and his voice =)

Hello Everyone, It's Sam here
Hope you all are having an AMAZING day, =)

I came here to see people art, and to read people Storys
and also to make amazing friends.

I have an other account on here, but I wanted a new start.
for new story, and to also start working on Drawing again.
which I am not good at, can not draw to save my own life,
So I thought I would try again at drawing =)

Love you all <3

:thumb502528215: :thumb502528322: :thumb502528419: :thumb502528528:
Yeah I really Like Gideon from COD AW, am not sorry about it
I Love Ghost by Coley-sXe
and ghost =P


Well that's me not able to ride, had a really bad fall which has hurt my back so been given the big No riding from my doctor till I see a back doctor as well as no heavy lifting =( so I can't work at the stables but I'll go us and see people also one of a horse died last week so that still hurts a little was strange going up today after a week of not being there and not seeing him in the filed =( but he in a good place now.


In the works and my other sites

:bulletblue: Working on :bulletgreen: Done :bulletred: On Hold :bulletpurple: Thinking About

:bulletblue: Tradition hurts Loki/OC
:bulletblue: Thranduil/OC
:bulletred: A Cold Past Loki/OC
:bulletgreen: Knight In Shining Armor Magnus/OC
:bulletgreen: Always mine - Tony/OC
:bulletgreen: A week Long, Gideon/OC
:bulletgreen: Loki and reader
:bulletgreen: Dr Spencer Reid/OC
:bulletpurple: Gideon/OC Part Two
:bulletpurple: Steve Rogers/OC
:bulletpurple: Tony/OC part Two
:bulletpurple: Johnny Storm/OC


My Favourite Work from Other People

On the run (Steve x Reader) by savrom By :iconsavrom: has to one of the best Captain America Story I have ever read =) I love it, You all should go check her out all her stuff if amazing.....

Advanced Warfare Gideon Journal Skin by MrOrbital By :iconmrorbital: , I just love his journal skin they are all so amazing, go check him out if your looking for a new Skin =)

:bulletblue: Adding more soon :bulletblue:


Lovely Gifts

An Amazing Gif from an Awesome Friend One of the best Gifts ever from a friend =) by TheCaptainsGirl


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AsgardianAngel Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Hey, Sunshine!  I miss you.  I hope you're doing well.  
TheCaptainsGirl Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2017
Hello, Miss you too,
Sorry Just lots of stuff going on and my brain could not take it,

Family went to war and now no one is talking to anyone,
I keep getting ill I get over one thing and something else would come up, 
I got an ear infection in both my ears making me deaf for about 3 weeks still it went away, 

the good thing is I have JoJo back and am back working at the stable, 

But I hope you are doing well.
AsgardianAngel Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
It's SO good to hear from you!  I was worried.  I'm so sorry your family life isn't great right now; being ill at the same time, too.  Nasty all the way around.

You're back with the horses; wonderful!  You must have missed them terribly.

I'm fairly well, except that I have zero interest in writing.  Always hopeful this will pass.
AsgardianAngel Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
ACK!  I missed your birthday!  Happy belated b'day, my friend.  How are you?
TheCaptainsGirl Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2016
it's ok most of my family forgot my birthday.
but thanks =D

I am good I think, not been a good week, so happy it's the weekend.
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